April 4, 2011


InterMountain Railway Company is pleased to announce that they have been chosen by Rokuhan, A Japanese Z scale manufacturer, as their exclusive North American Distributor.

Rokuhan has developed a new line of Z scale track which includes several items that have not been available to Z scale modelers in the past.  A complete listing of all items can be viewed on the InterMountain website.  The initial items will be available for distribution early in May, 2011, with several additional components to be delivered in the fall.

The relationship with Rokuhan is a natural addition for InterMountain as the Company has just announced its entry into the Z scale freight car arena in the last few months.  InterMountain has a worldwide network of model train dealers, most of which are based in North America.  While most of their dealers are multi-scale, the will be adding those who deal solely in Z scale.

The Rokuhan Z scale track line is also available for use by Nn3 modelers.



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