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InterMountain Parts Requests

NOTE: Parts requests are "best efforts" on a case-by-case basis. We do not have parts available for every item, and are prioritizing warranty parts requests over non-warranty requests depending on the specific item.

Parts for kitbashing, scratchbuilding, and model customization may not be available. Many third party detail parts manufacturers specialize in parts for this purpose!

All parts requests MUST be submitted in writing!
Please send an e-mail to: intermountain@intermountain-railway.com and provide the following information:

-Full Name (First & Last)
-Mailing Address (Parts are shipped via US Mail unless otherwise specified)
-Daytime Phone Number
-Scale (O, HO, N, Z)
-Stock Number or Description of the primary item the part is needed for if known or applicable
-Part(s) Desired (if part name is unknown, describe the part(s) as best you can, the more specific detail the better. Simple cell phone pictures can also be helpful to show locations of missing or broken parts).

Failure to include ALL of the information above may result in your parts request being canceled. Help us help you get your parts faster! It may take up to 4-6 weeks before you receive your parts. We will notify you if the part(s) that you have requested are not available.


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