Bethlehem Car Works

Price List January, 2007

HO B60b Baggage Car
BCW5000 Pennsylvania Out of Stock $59.95
BCW5001 PRR Keystone Herald with Vents Out of Stock $59.95
BCW5002 PRR Keystone Herald W/Out Vents IN STOCK $59.95
HO Baggage Car
BCW5240 Reading Company IN STOCK $59.95
HO Class BE Baggage Car
BCW5330 Central Railroad Of New Jersey IN STOCK $59.95
BCW5331 Jersey Central Lines IN STOCK $59.95
HO Class BA Baggage Car
BCW5530 Western Maryland IN STOCK $59.95
BCW5531 Long Island IN STOCK $59.95
Bethlehem Car Works Class PBn Coach
BCW5212 Maine Central IN STOCK $59.95
BCW5213 Reading Company NEW RELEASE $59.95
BCW5215 Long Island IN STOCK $59.95
HO Passenger Car - Coach
BCW5210 Reading Company Out of Stock $59.95
BCW5211 Boston & Maine - 4 Car #'s, Stock #'s 3-6 Out of Stock $59.95
BCW5310 Central Railroad of New Jersey Class PBm Coach Out of Stock $59.95
BCW5311 Jersey Central Lines - Class PBm Coach Out of Stock $59.95
BCW5610 Baltimore & Ohio - Class A-e Coach - 2 Car #'s, Stock #'s 1 (Blue) & 2 (Green) IN STOCK $59.95
HO Passenger Car - Combine
BCW5220 Reading Out of Stock $59.95
BCW5221 Boston & Maine Out of Stock $59.95

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